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Docker – what is it and why we use it

ProgrammingAug 19, 2019

Is your company maintaining web servers on a daily basis? If the answer is yes, keep reading. Not too long ago, back in 2010 the company Docker, Inc was launched by a team of professionals in order to create an open-source project that automates the deployment of code inside software containers. The official product was announced to the wide public in 2013 and has both free...

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Mozilla named “Internet Villain” for supporting DoH protocol

Web DesignJul 11, 2019

The latest browsers protocol DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), which was announced to be supported by Mozilla Firefox and Google’s Chrome recently gained the name “Internet Villain” to Mozilla browser from UK’s Internet Services Providers Association (ISPAUK). ISPAUK explains that as Mozilla is planning to support DoH, this is going “to bypass UK filtering...

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Instagram – the youth’s network

Social MediaJun 27, 2019

It’s mid 2019 and we all know that young people now are all in Instagram. We constantly see them looking at their phones and tablets, taking pictures of everything they can share with the world, even if it’s just their lunch meal. And it’s normal. This is the world we live in, as said in a song. And as I'm talking (writing) this, I know that you want to be...

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Gutenberg – the new editor experience on WordPress

ProgrammingJun 7, 2019

WordPress was born 15 years ago as an open source blogging platform to help people express their opinions and even daily life. Over the years it grew so much that millions of websites worldwide use it as the main platform to build their presence on. It had easy to use editor, which was one of the reasons many people preferred it over the other available platforms out...

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3 ideas to keep your customers’ interest

SEO & MarketingMay 15, 2019

Have you wondered how to make your clients think about your business when they aren’t buying anything? We know you are. Lots of business owners think about it as a difficult mission, but it’s not. There are few things apart of direct advertising, which can keep the interest alive and below I’m going to tell you more about them. 1. Create a blog In every...

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Which are the popular and safe money transfer platforms in 2019

FintechApr 12, 2019

It’s the 21st century and in this digital world the percents of people, who are not paying online is very small. Now we can do everything through our laptops and smartphones and when I say everything, I really mean everything. We browse websites, listen music, buy our stuff and pay our bills online. Talking about it, few years ago I was interested in the ways to...

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Website audit and why to do it

ProgrammingMar 21, 2019

Website audit is the full analysis of all factors, which affects the performance and security of a website. It is very important for websites, no matter how many visitors they attract and how huge they are, to make a full audit once in a while. Knowing what is happening with your website is a must for every owner. The question is – what can be done to increase the...

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Twitter’s new interface gives more features to users

Social MediaFeb 1, 2019

Recently, Twitter users can see new notification panel at the right of their profile when they’re logged in. And this is not else, but the new Twitter interface.  Clicking the button “Take a look” redirects users to the brand new look of the platform, that finally matches the mobile view, which is available for a long time now.  In the current...

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3 common mistakes about SEO

SEO & MarketingJan 25, 2019

Nowadays SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important tools for growing your business. Even if you have website, if your SEO don’t work, then it’s like you don’t have website. It's proven that most managers and business CEOs are good in their own field, but writing it’s not one of their good abilities. Smart managers will hire...

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Popular messaging apps to use in 2019

Social MediaJan 14, 2019

Connecting people. Nokia’s motto says it all for many years now. The possibility to connect with your family and friends even through many miles is one of the best things the new technology era had brought to life. Messaging apps are common service already, but back in time there were just a few. Over the years lots of companies started offering new and free services...

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5 things to know before opting for a website

Web DesignJan 7, 2019

Being a business owner nowadays means you need a website, or so they say. We must agree as in these days if you don’t have website, it’s like you don’t even exist. The presence in Internet is key point, but before opting for a website, there is a few things you should know before hiring a company to develop it. We compiled a short list with 5 things you...

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Top 7 Social Medias To Use In 2019

Social MediaJan 2, 2019

2019 is already here, and as they say new year, new luck and new places to share about it. If you're a social type, you already know which social media is best suited to you, but why not leave your comfort zone and sign up for a new place that can bring you new opportunities both in your personal and professional sphere. We, at the Eurocoders.com team, have decided to offer...

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Google shuts down Google+ 4 months in advance

Social MediaDec 11, 2018

After the second data leak, Google announced they are going to shut down the consumer version of Google+ in April next year.  Just few months ago Google announced the shut down of their social media Google+ after the revealed information of major data leak, where the developers have had free access to user's personal information for about 3 years. Originally, the...

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Firefox will block Flash content starting next month

Web DesignJul 23, 2016

Mozilla's Firefox browser will start blocking Flash content "not essential to the user experience" from August 2016, the company said, helping to hasten the achingly slow demise of the aging plugin. The move is the beginning of the end of Flash in Firefox — Mozilla also said that from 2017, it would adopt a new click-to-activate policy that will require users to...

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Web DesignMay 1, 2015

In this day and age, it’s imperative for websites to be accessible across a variety of devices. For years, mobile traffic volume has been steadily and rapidly increasing until in 2015 it finally overtook that of traditional laptop and desktop computers. In addition, Google recently changed its algorithms to favor mobile-friendly sites. Nicknamed Mobilegeddon, this...

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