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Programming as a way of life - an interview with Velichko Achev

About EurocodersJun 11, 2020

Being a programmer doesn't just mean sitting in front of a computer and doing things, as some people think. Being a programmer means developing and discovering new ideas, dealing with different situations. That is why the people who deal with programming are above all, visionaries of the future.  In this interview, we are talking with such a person. Velichko Achev has...

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5 tips to start blogging

SEO & MarketingJun 1, 2020

With the world in chaos and everyone fearing for their health and safety, we were wondering what is the best way to calm our nerves and relieve the stress. We at Eurocoders are doing our best to stay safe, but the news of people being stressed and having anxiety and panic attacks made us worry and we can’t stay calm and just watch. So we thought of ways how to help...

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5 important design elements to look for your website

Web DesignApr 29, 2020

Creating a website sometimes may sound easy – just give it to the designer and don’t think at all. And in most cases it may work this way, but when you want to build strong brand identity, you must think more about your website and how your clients are going to experience it. There’s some important elements of a website you need to think about first....

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Myths about the woman programmer – interview with Iliana Stoeva

About EurocodersApr 15, 2020

For the past 15 years, there has been a perception that programmers are only men. The profession is considered very difficult, but also very profitable, and the mathematical and logical abilities of women somehow remain neglected. Fortunately, nowadays, in the last 3-4 years, we are increasingly starting to see women who like programming and want to develop themselves in...

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How to optimize your website after the crisis is over

SEO & MarketingApr 9, 2020

We currently live in world, where a pandemic took over people's lives. Everyone is fighting not to catch it by staying at home as much as possible and help flatten the curve. In the midst of the humanity trying to keep their life it looks like we are going to experience the biggest economic collapse we’ve ever seen. Businesses, which are now having some of their work...

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“Let’s talk about leadership” with Minko Vasilev

About EurocodersMar 12, 2020

Strong leadership plays huge role when it comes to leading the team in its best way. Often, leaders are the people who know the purpose best, but also what is best for their team. They are the people who make the difficult, but important decisions and lead everyone on the path to success. Of course, as a company with many years of experience, Eurocoders have leaders who...

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What is Kubernetes?

ProgrammingNov 21, 2019

Few weeks ago we made sure to tell you what is Docker. Now we decided it is time to tell you more about Kubernetes – open source platform, which we began using the past year. What is actually Kubernetes? It is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services, that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation....

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Alexa, play some music…

Social MediaOct 4, 2019

Do you like to listen to music? I believe there’s just a small group of people who don’t. Music lovers can be seen all around the world – with headphones on, listening to the latest bops. And while there’s the gigantic music platform called YouTube, there’s also others where you can stream your favorite music and support your favorite artists....

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Docker – what is it and why we use it

ProgrammingAug 19, 2019

Is your company maintaining web servers on a daily basis? If the answer is yes, keep reading. Not too long ago, back in 2010 the company Docker, Inc was launched by a team of professionals in order to create an open-source project that automates the deployment of code inside software containers. The official product was announced to the wide public in 2013 and has both free...

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Mozilla named “Internet Villain” for supporting DoH protocol

Web DesignJul 11, 2019

The latest browsers protocol DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), which was announced to be supported by Mozilla Firefox and Google’s Chrome recently gained the name “Internet Villain” to Mozilla browser from UK’s Internet Services Providers Association (ISPAUK). ISPAUK explains that as Mozilla is planning to support DoH, this is going “to bypass UK filtering...

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Instagram – the youth’s network

Social MediaJun 27, 2019

It’s mid 2019 and we all know that young people now are all in Instagram. We constantly see them looking at their phones and tablets, taking pictures of everything they can share with the world, even if it’s just their lunch meal. And it’s normal. This is the world we live in, as said in a song. And as I'm talking (writing) this, I know that you want to be...

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Gutenberg – the new editor experience on WordPress

ProgrammingJun 7, 2019

WordPress was born 15 years ago as an open source blogging platform to help people express their opinions and even daily life. Over the years it grew so much that millions of websites worldwide use it as the main platform to build their presence on. It had easy to use editor, which was one of the reasons many people preferred it over the other available platforms out...

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3 ideas to keep your customers’ interest

SEO & MarketingMay 15, 2019

Have you wondered how to make your clients think about your business when they aren’t buying anything? We know you are. Lots of business owners think about it as a difficult mission, but it’s not. There are few things apart of direct advertising, which can keep the interest alive and below I’m going to tell you more about them. 1. Create a blog In every...

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Which are the popular and safe money transfer platforms in 2019

FintechApr 12, 2019

It’s the 21st century and in this digital world the percents of people, who are not paying online is very small. Now we can do everything through our laptops and smartphones and when I say everything, I really mean everything. We browse websites, listen music, buy our stuff and pay our bills online. Talking about it, few years ago I was interested in the ways to...

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Website audit and why to do it

ProgrammingMar 21, 2019

Website audit is the full analysis of all factors, which affects the performance and security of a website. It is very important for websites, no matter how many visitors they attract and how huge they are, to make a full audit once in a while. Knowing what is happening with your website is a must for every owner. The question is – what can be done to increase the...

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