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Website Audit and Security Improvement Services

Every day tons of virtual attacks are made against websites and applications. To ensure the security of your own properties, you need to take prevention measures and make sure everything is under safety.

In Eurocoders, we are experienced in monitoring the networks for constantly evolving cyber threats and risks. Our team of professionals will analyze the current state of your website and applications in detail as well as all other key information regarding your assets and configurations and will manage to compose an action plan which can lead to securing the environment.

What kind of audit we do?

We do 4 types of penetration tests:

  1. - external;
  2. - internal;
  3. - software/application;
  4. - physical;
How we do it?
  • Detailed website scanning – checking the database and programming codes.
  • Detecting the vulnerabilities on the website.
  • Determining the level of security risk.
  • Timely action to effectively eliminate irregularities.

Testing the security of your website is a procedure that should not be underestimated, especially if your site handles information such as bank accounts and other personal data that should not be accessible by other people.

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