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3 ideas to keep your customers’ interest

May 15th 2019 / SEO & Marketing

Have you wondered how to make your clients think about your business when they aren’t buying anything? We know you are. Lots of business owners think about it as a difficult mission, but it’s not. There are a few things apart from direct advertising, which can keep the interest alive, and below I’m going to tell you more about them.

1. Create a blog

In every type of business, there are lots of themes and specifications you can talk about. If you’re not the talkative type of person, then it’s easier to write it down in the form of a blog post. You are able to type, then delete if you don’t like it, and make everything presentable without worrying it won’t be okay in the end. The written form is preferred by many people, plus you’re also allowed to show pictures and even different infographics to the readers. Business owners can even hire experienced writers to do their job.

2. Start a podcast

Are you good at speaking? Then start a podcast. You can lure your listeners while explaining them lots of things or just have a light talk for 10-15 minutes. All you need is a mic, a good platform to record, and a place to upload it. You can upload it to your website and connect it to every streaming platform through RSS.

3. Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube video creators (vloggers) are the big hit right now. Exclude the shyness and show your viewers that your theme matters. It’s important to talk in an interesting way, not like a robot, and to make people wait for every video with anticipation. If you’re having a business, then invest some money in good video camera and editing software. It will surely payback.

Are you convinced to try some of these out? Or you need more information? Reach us and we will help you to begin your new experience.