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5 things to know before opting for a website

Jan 7th 2019 / Web Design

Being a business owner nowadays means you need a website, or so they say.

We must agree as these days if you don’t have a website, it’s like you don’t even exist. The presence on the Internet is a key point, but before opting for a website, there are a few things you should know before hiring a company to develop it. We compiled a shortlist with 5 things you must know, so check them below.

1. The theme of the website

For most of the companies is known that the theme will be their business. But a common mistake is the correct field and wrong orientation. Whether the website will be about the company itself or if it’s going to be a web store, you must be sure what you want beforehand.

If you want a website about your hobby though, the situation is different. You may have many hobbies, but it’s absolutely going to be strange if you put content about your traveling life and how the car’s engine works. Choose your field and stay strict to it. If you have too many hobbies, then try to group them at least by similarities.

2. Your audience

Do you know your audience? Target them. Be sure to research who’s interested and how to connect with the right people. Knowing this, you’re one step closer to create better content. For example, if you’re targeting a younger audience, better start thinking about creating videos. And this leads us to the next step.

3. Type of content

We’re already in 2019 and the types of content are way too many to be neglected. In this visual world preferred type of content is a video and we can’t deny it. So when thinking about how to present your company or yourself, think about the correct way to do it. Of course, don’t forget about images and text content as they are also important.

4. Design vision

We’re sure you all are browsing different websites every day, but when have to decide on your own site, the situation goes wild. Try to look out for some websites and write down what you like and what to be included in your own. Dealing with a pissed graphic designer is not easy, we can assure you about that.

5. Actual content

So, let’s sum it up. You already know the type of content and have a vision for the design. Tell everything to the company you chose and they will know what to do. And meanwhile, prepare your content, so you won’t be intimidated when the time for it comes.

Our experts in the field know exactly how to turn an interesting idea, into a working website. Drop us a message!