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Programming as a way of life - an interview with Velichko Achev

Jul 13th 2020 / Eurocoders

Being a programmer doesn't just mean sitting in front of a computer and doing things, as some people think. Being a programmer means developing and discovering new ideas, dealing with different situations. That is why the people who deal with programming are above all, visionaries of the future. 

In this interview, we are talking with such a person. Velichko Achev has been a programmer in the Eurocoders team for a long time and has shown that he not only has the skills to handle any task but also that he doesn't stop at anything to complete any project entrusted to him.

What programming means to him and what his role is in Eurocoders, according to him, read in the lines below.

Hello! What was the first programming language you learned?

The first language for me was not one, but several. When I started reading more about programming, I had a plan to choose the technology I would like to work with first, but for that, I had to be interested in different languages. However, I learned the main concepts in C#.

Which is your favorite one?

I would find it difficult to define a language as a favorite. Each language has its pros and cons, but I would say that all languages suitable for web development are my favorites.

How does a programmer's day go by?

My day always starts with a cup of aromatic coffee and a plan for the tasks I will complete. I like to set a goal before I start work. After I finish my goals, beer is the sweetest in the evening. :)

In your experience, how has programming changed in the last few years and what is the role of the programmer now?

Unlike before, speed and quality of execution are now crucial, and teams need to focus on improving the processes that slow them down. Communication skills are becoming an increasingly inevitable part of programmers' work. I believe that in order to achieve all this, good leadership and management is extremely important.

What do you like most about this profession?

I like the fact that I am constantly challenged. Programming is the constant solving of problems on a variety of scales with a variety of methods. Also, the feeling that I have created something that is used and helps people in some way is amazing!

What's the hardest part about being a programmer?

I think a successful programmer is a person who can adapt quickly to change because technology tends to move very fast. Communication skills are sometimes underestimated, but good communication and a spirit of cooperation are really important factors. The need for these soft skills is long-term, while technical knowledge of a particular language can quickly become obsolete.

Which part of the work on a project is most interesting to you - the beginning, the middle, or the end?

Every beginning is exciting. Creating a strategy, plan, and inventing the architecture of a project has always been something that gave me great satisfaction. But when you see the end product of the work you put in, it's no less exciting. This is exactly the charm of programming - you are always challenged and there are no boring moments. :)

Looking ahead, what do you think programming will look like in 10 years?

It's no secret that much of the programming is automated with each passing day. Simple software such as creating a blog, online store, etc. now happen instantly and without the intervention of others. I think this trend of automation will continue to grow, but the creativity of the human brain cannot be replaced.

What would you say to someone who thinks that wants to be a programmer but doesn't know where to start?

One does not learn to walk by following the rules. One learns from one's mistakes once one starts trying!

What is your role in the Eurocoders team?

My main role is to design, develop, improve, and monitor the good performance of our software and our customers, and my goal is to make the platforms more engaged and most of all user-friendly.