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Skype allows sending files with size up to 300 MB

Jan 14th 2016 / Programming

Skype's team have upgraded the service's functionality when it comes to exchanging photographs, video, documents, and other types of files.

From now on the maximum size of the file in the chat in Skype's latest versions is 300 MB. In addition, files can be sent even when the other side is offline. If you need to send bigger files than 300 MB, you can use the electronic cloud OneDrive that allows you to exchange files with size up to 10 GB. 

The receiver can download the sent files when he/she connects to the Global web. Another valuable feature is the opportunity to receive the same file twice on several mobile devices. This means that if you have downloaded and observed a file on your personal computer, you can also download it once again vie the smartphone so that you can observe it once more.

All these functionalities could be used with Skype's latest versions. Skype's team has announced that the maximum file size of up to 300 MB is chosen by the programmers after multiple pre-tests which showed that this size is the most optimal option.


In addition, Microsoft launches the new feature Skype Meetings, which combines the functions of the original Skype with the powerful opportunities presented in Skype for Business. The service is free at the beginning and gives the opportunity for conference meetings with up to 10 participants for 60 days. After that, the maximum number of participants in this conference call is limited to 3.