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5 tips to start blogging

Jul 13th 2020 / Social Media

With the world in chaos and everyone fearing for their health and safety, we were wondering what is the best way to calm our nerves and relieve the stress.

We at Eurocoders are doing our best to stay safe, but the news of people being stressed and having anxiety and panic attacks made us worry and we can’t stay calm and just watch. So we thought of ways how to help during these difficult times and get to the point that the best way is - talking. 

How to talk with everyone? Start blogging!

Now we are here to help you with this task! We know that every single person has their own hobbies and ways to relax. But with a huge part of our hobbies happening outside, we are separated from them. Then why not start talking about them while being in isolation?

Blogging will help you think about your hobbies, even about your business, in a new way. It will help you reach more people and talk freely without fearing huge audiences because you’re staying behind your laptop. Let us share with you a few tips you can use to start your new blog.

1. Define the theme(s)

Follow your hobby, business, or just your thoughts. If you like reading and have no one to talk to about the books you read, then start a book blog. If you love fishing, start writing about tips and tricks or share your experience. Likewise, just write about your favorite things. If you have more hobbies, which have nothing in common, think about how to separate them – in this case, you can just create a personal blog with you in the center and write whatever comes in your mind, but structure all of it in different blog categories.

2. Choose a name and platform

Here comes the difficult task – the name of your blog. Think about something that represents you the best. It may be your name, your nickname, your hobby, but personalized with your name – there are tons of options. You just need to make it unique for you, so people can recognize you with it.

Then, you need to choose the platform with which to create your blog. At this moment, the most popular and widely used platforms are WordPress and Blogger. Both of these platforms offer free versions so you can try both and decide for yourself which one is more comfortable to use. We recommend the free WordPress option.

3. Think about the visualization

After choosing the platform and the name, now is the time to choose how the blog will look like. As we wrote in our previous blog post, the color of a website is important, and this is valid for the blog as well. If you feel like following our advice, keep it as simple as it can be – white background with menus and main lines with the color of your choice. Let it be readable. Your future readers will thank you for it.

4. Make a posting schedule

Creating a schedule sounds so obligatory. But don’t freak out, it’s not. It can actually help you, especially if you like to structure your days. Being stuck at home can make you write every day, but then if you end up with no desire to write at some point, the schedule can help you plan ahead and don’t abandon your new lovely blog. Of course, if you lose inspiration or have time, you can always change the schedule to fir your needs. This is your blog after all and it has to suit your needs and desires.

5. Try out writing styles

Your content is the most important part of what makes people come back to your blog. So you must know what the type of your writing will be. This is a personal decision, but the more conversational your text is, the better. People don’t like someone to tell them what to do or how to feel, so the best option is to express your own opinion.

And don’t forget that this is your blog. You don’t have to follow rules or do what other people do. This is not a huge website, but a blog. Enjoy your time while writing in it. Relax and keep breathing!